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Colour Profiles.

I have been trying to understand how colour management profiles work with the various cintiq’s, dell’s and the HP Dream Colour’s at work.

After a bit of research I thought drawing it would help visualise what is happening behind the scenes. View full article »

Daft Punk to do soundtrack for TRON!


shiny helmet


What is TRON? Only the next raddest moofie evar!!

Tron Trailer

IOS 4.0 viewDidLoad…. or did it?

Now that the new IOS 4.0 has multitasking builtin, jumping out of an app and back into it will not force a view to re-load. View full article »

Static Analysis in XCode.

A friend told me about static analysis in Xcode today, and that its a feature that is not enabled by default. The “Build and Analyze” menu option will fire off the extra inspection, but here is how to add an extra build target:

This extra level of debugging will keep an eye out for wasted memory allocation and initialisation errors.

XCode 4.0

Wow. Looks like apple are finally integrating all their separate components into one IDE. I think I also see two split panes in the editor. I wonder if iphone dev accounts will get early access to it.


Oooh Two Panes

First Post Woot…

Yet another blog on the Internet….

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